Root Canal treatment in Pomona, CA

Have you been experiencing tooth sensitivity or swollen gums from time to time and not able to figure out the root cause behind it? An endodontic examination of the oral cavity could throw light to several hidden factors about your teeth that a regular exam may not.

The dental pulp is the layer of the tooth deep within the enamel. It houses several connective tissues, blood vessels, and nerve endings that are the source of nutrition to your teeth. Any infection inflicted on this layer can damage healthy tissues of the mouth leading to severe tooth pain and other conditions that may lead to tooth extraction.

But if the tooth seems to be retaining a major portion of its healthy side, the patient can undergo a root canal instead of tooth extraction.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is an endodontic treatment that is performed by a trained endodontist to save a badly decayed and damaged tooth. The endodontist would work through the damaged tooth to remove the decayed pulp, clean, and seal it. Untreated pulp would further lead to infection and abscesses.

What is the procedure involved in a root canal?

An endodontic procedure is generally performed by a trained endodontist. He/she specializes in diagnosing, preventing, and treating the dental pulp of the tooth. The patient would require a few visits to the endodontist during the course of the treatment.

The root canal process would begin with an X-ray that'd help the endodontist view the shape and nature of the root canal and observe for signs of infection around the bone. The endodontist would administer local anesthesia near the tooth's region to numb the surrounding areas.

Later, the endodontist would drill an access hole to reach within the tooth surface. This would create an entry via which the dentist would remove bacteria, decayed nerve tissues, and any debris from the tooth. Dental files would be used to scrape away any persisting decay in the side of the canals. After having cleared the canal, the endodontist would fill the cavity with a filling material. Finally, your newly restored tooth would be protected with a restoration in the form of a crown.

Post-treatment Instructions

Following your treatment, the patient may experience a few post-treatment discomforts for the first few days. Any type of teeth sensitivity can be controlled with over-the-counter anti-pain medication after which the patient would be able to continue to his/her normal activities.

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