Dental Extractions in Pomona, CA

In case the patient suffers from a broken or decayed tooth, the dentist would try their best to recover it by using crowns or fillings. But when the extent of the damage is far too deep to consider a recovery, the dentist would suggest an extraction.

What is tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is the simple process of removing a badly damaged or decayed tooth from its socket. There are several reasons why teeth would require removal. Listed below are some of the reasons for tooth extraction:

  • Deep tooth decay that has reached the roots
  • Bone damage due to infection
  • Overcrowding that has stopped teeth from erupting during its natural course.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth

What is the process involved in a tooth extraction?

Before beginning the tooth extraction procedure, the dentist would carefully review and examine the patient's medical history and also take appropriate X-rays. Dental X-rays help reveal several aspects of the decayed tooth such as its shape, length, nature, and size. This also allows the dentist to estimate what procedure would lead to a smooth extraction of the decayed tooth.

Next, the dentist would apply local anesthesia near the area around the tooth to numb its surface. A simple extraction procedure would only involve loosening the damaged tooth and carefully removing it with dental forceps. A surgical extraction would involve making small incisions to extract the tooth from inside the gums.

Post-procedure Experience

Following the extraction procedure, it is natural to experience some amount of uneasiness and discomfort. The patient would be advised to ensure that the site of extraction is kept clean and away from infection. After the extraction, the patient would be advised to bite over gauze for a prescribed amount of time. It is advised to avoid smoking or brushing vigorously after the procedure.

After the first two days of surgery, the patient would be advised salt-water rinses. In case the patient experiences swelling, he/she can use icepacks to suppress the swelling. Any signs of prolonged pain can be minimized by using over-the-counter prescriptions from the dentist.

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